KTW and WRAS Approved PTFE hose

For water to be potable, it has to stay clean from the source to the tap. That means it must only pass through materials approved to keep it safe for consumption. In Europe, there are two main bodies that provide third party accreditation for potable water components: the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) and Umwelt Bundesamt – Kunststoffe und Trinkwasser (UBA–KTW).
Materials and components used in potable water systems must go through extensive testing to be approved by these agencies. Materials built to meet WRAS and UBA-KTW standards must not leach materials into water or cause other adverse effects. These tests pay particular attention to chemical migration, which may push drinking water outside the legal limits for contaminates. These tests are not limited to just measuring toxic metals and other harmful substances that may contaminate the water but also require the use of approved components which cannot promote microbial growth or change the flavor or odor of water.\

PTFE hose offers two major advantages over rubber and silicon hoses:

  1. Silicone is more resistant to chemicals and disinfectant additives than rubber hose, but it will fail after prolonged exposure to steam and boiling water. PTFE is an equal or a higher pure material compared to silicon, but it won’t fail in harsh operating conditions, and PTFE hose has a practically unlimited service life.
  2. Mineral build-up is a major issue with most types of hoses. While soft water from rainwater runoff causes slow buildup, mineral deposits can be a major problem when transporting hard water. This is especially true of drinking water, as consumers favor hard water for its magnesium and calcium content. These minerals improve the taste of water, and provide health benefits. PTFE is inert and has one of the lowest coefficients of friction of all known solid materials. This prevents minerals from adhering to the non-sticky surface of PTFE, avoiding damage and blockages in the water system. If there is mineral buildup elsewhere in the system, PTFE hose makes it easier to remove because it resists absorption of cleaning chemicals.

Arkstar Fluid Transfer Systems is a leading PTFE hose manufacturer, with over 41 years of experience. We offer products meeting the most stringent certifications across several industries, from DNV-GL for maritime safety to USP Class VI for pharmaceutical use. We build our potable water hoses to the same exacting standards for our customers. KA Fluid Transfer Systems can provide you with bulk hose or alternatively PTFE Hose Assemblies built to meet your company’s specific requirements.

Arkstar Fluid Transfer Systems does not just manufacture high quality PTFE hoses, we are also the worldwide leader in environmentally friendly PTFE Hose production. Our company is ISO 14001 certified for environmental management. The facilities we operate recycle 100% of their waste PTFE and steel, they recycle waste water, and they capture production gases.

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