Arkstar offers engineered fluoropolymer hose solution that address specific flexible piping challenges such as vibration, thermal, or pressure related applications involving the transfer of liquids or gases. The hose and fittings included below are precisely manufactured and coupled to assure unequaled quality and immediate response to your needs. Rapid quotation and delivery response to even the most difficult applications are our specialties. We stock and supply standard medium pressure, ultra high pressure, convoluted, smooth-bore, rubber-covered, and large bore hoses of PTFE with their associated fittings, adapters and accessories.

The Fluoropolymer Advantage

Chemical Resistance
Inert to practically all commercial chemicals, acids, alcohols, coolants, elastomers, petroleum compounds, solvents, vinyls, synthetic lubricants & hydraulic fluids.

Non Adhesive
Handles substances such as: adhesives, ashphalt, dyes, grease, glue, latex, lacquers, and paints – no carbon build up when used as a compression discharge line.

Flex & Shock Resistance
Not affected by continuous flexing, vibration, or impulse – withstands alternating cold and heat cycling.

Non Contaminating
Will not contaminate material, fluid, gas conducted – PTFE is FDA approved for food handling and pharmaceutical applications

High Flow Rates
Low coefficient of friction with anti-stick properties insures continuous lower pressure drops during service with a good pressure rating and full vacuum.

Light Weight
Easier to move, handle and install than rubber hose with a comparable burst pressure rating – ideal as pigtail in gas handling and pneumatic systems where dew point must be low.